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Wed 2/5 12:00PM
Pearl Neclace and Earrings
Current Price: $40
Floor: $40
Pace: $5/12secs
Buy Now! at 60% off
Thu 2/6 12:00PM
Pearl Necklace and Earrings
Current Price: $1.99
Floor: $1.00
Pace: $1.00/12secs
Buy Now! at 88% off

Authentic Designer Gently Used Purses

Welcome to!

I'm Tim Beavers, President and CEO of, and I'd like to personally welcome you to this exciting auction service. My inspiration for this format came from the sale of my Ford back in 1993. I needed to sell this car quickly but wanted a good price, a common sales objective. So I put an ad in the paper (its 1993, remember...) that said that the price of the Ford started at $9,000 and decreased $100/day until sold.

Five days and as many suitors later, a guy offers me $8,000 and my polite response was "No, Sorry. Today it's $8500 but it will be $8000 5 days from now. If it's not sold before then, the car is indeed yours for $8000." Now $8500 was a good price, but certainly not this guys 'steal' price of $8000. Later that night, he called me back and agreed to $8500, apparently worried that someone else would snag the car before it got to his 'best' price.

I've remembered this sale and its accompanying temporal dynamic for 2 decades, all the time scheming to build a machine to automate the process. After a long wait, the result is, a fresh an exciting look at an age old sales method - reducing an item's price the longer it remains unsold.

So, come on in and feel free to kick the tires. I'm confident that as we continue grow and improve, you'll find an irresistable bookmark! Have fun! Tim

  • FREE SHIPPING! on all DVD and CD's. All other items receive a $2 shipping credit.
  • FREE BIDDING always! This is NOT a penny auction.
  • FREE LISTINGS up to and including September 2012.
Cobra's Persense Sales
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At, we strive to participate in meaningful contributions to our community. That's why we've made it easy to allow sellers to donate portions of their sales to one of our Charity partners. When creating your item, just choose a Charity from among the list, and designate a percentage of sale. You can even set this as one of your seller defaults if desired.

Buyers, if you're feeling charitable, please notice the red ribbon icon (). Hover over it to show the Charity and the percentage of sale to be donated. If it's next to a user, that user is itself the Charity.

Every little bit helps, and together we can accomplish great things!
Thank you and God Bless!
The Team

Alphabetical Charity List

We've made 4 DEMO products available both to show the capabilities of Persense, and to allow for customers to bid in a risk-free environment. All of the demos work like normal product in all aspects, except that when a sale struck, it is only temporary, and will be deleted from the database after a set period of time. Below lists the current demo products. More might be added to highlight additional features.
  1. Hypersense. A quick paced auction 10 items sell reducing 25¢/15secs.
  2. House A real estate sale which decreases at $1000/day
  3. Tickets These block of 4 tickets reduce at a pace of $10/day. To give more pricing options, we've maintained that pace but made the reductions $2.50/6 hrs.
  4. Earrings A fast paced sale of a single item. $10 every 12 seconds


I would like to tell everyone about my experience with
I was the wining bidder for the first IPAD sale on the site. It was an amazing experience. The site is very user-friendly and always showcases excellent items to bid on. It is also wonderfully simple to use if you want to be seller on the site. Since, I initially went on the site, it has grown quite a bit and many many followers. Not only have I bid on he IPAD but also lots of others things and won. The owner of the site is also wonderful to work with. He is extremely professional and punctual with getting your item to you. When the first IPAD auction was posted, I won it for a mere $207! I sort of snatched it at the last moment by making a bid within the last minute of the auction. It was exhilarating! Now I have a brand new IPAD 3! I love it and use it all of the time. I ended up with a huge bargain and my experience with has always been extremely positive. I highly recommend the site to you. Please give it a try!   

S.C., Charlotte

I got a great DVD player at a great price! The wifi-connected apps are awesome. Purchasing on my tablet couldn't have been easier. I could have waited for the price to drop a little more, but I didn't want to miss out!

B.M., Charlotte

I purchased Item #224 Ė the blue pashmina scarf. It arrived in only a couple of days and it is everything I hoped it would be. My most difficult decision at this point is whether I should keep it or give it away as a gift. The price was reasonable, and the scarf is excellent quality. Itís large enough that it could even be used as a shawl for warmth or just to dress up an outfit. Great job, Persense! Iíll definitely return.

M.T., Indianapolis

I am a bargain hunter who enjoys the thrill of finding a hidden gem! It is fun to check Persense regularly to browse or see what sale items I can bid on or just snatch up!

G.P., Charlotte

I got a great price on an excellent new computer on

B.G., Charlotte

I love the feel of the pashmina it feels like silky. The quality is very good and the colors are great - more vibrant than the pictures on the website can show. And the prices were fantastic! Thanks Persense!

M.C., Orlando